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Nukkad Natak on the Theme 'Swachta'

A 'nukad natika' on the theme 'swachta ' was conducted by BSF senior secondary school jammu . The nukad natika was performed in the morning assembly and brought out the theme of" Clean and Green environment ". The play was written and conceptualized by the teachers of the school and showcased the sorry state of cleanliness in jammu city as well as the menace of lane enchroacments and littering of lanes by huge garbage dumps. the play was much appriciated by the audience . The central characters of "guru" and "chela" were enacted by Vaibhav zadoo of class 11th C and Prayas of 11th E . Their antics tickled the funny bones of the viewers. This humorous play brought out the central theme of cleanliness into limelight. Damini sharma, aman sharma,aryan mehra , shubham lata , harshiv bargotra , anzar hussain,manisha and sanam singh played various charaters in the play . The slogan given by the play was "Na lagao kachre ke dhèer, isi se hogi nayi swer".

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