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Plethora of Events Mark Constitution Day Celebration at BSF School Jammu

Dated: 26.11.2015 - A host of activities were organized to mark November 26 as Constitution Day to pay tribute to Dr B R Ambedkar- architect of the Indian Constitution. The constitution was adopted on this day in 1949 before it came into effect on Januray 26, 1950. Celebration of Constitution Day dwelled upon the contributions of Dr B R Ambedkar in the making of the Constitution.

The purpose was to make students aware about the basic principles of the Constitution and citizens’ fundamental rights and duties mentioned in it and to increase awareness about the constitution in them.

To kick off the Constitution Day festivities, Principal Dr S K Shukla addressed the students highlighting the significance of celebrating Constitution Day. He also administered the pledge by reciting the Preamble to the constitution. The aim was to inculcate the principles of the constitution like national integrity, brotherhood, liberty and equality in the minds of the future citizens from childhood.

Poster making competition was organized on the occasion. Students successfully touched the principles such as liberty, equality and fraternity in their art forms. It is rightly said: Art is an expression of life. The objectives of our constitution such as justice, liberty, equality and fraternity were beautifully expressed by the students in their own way.

Participants were judged on different measures like relevance of theme, neatness etc. It aimed at developing creativity instincts and awareness of their rights and duties as given in the constitution. Principal Dr S K Shukla gave away the prizes and certificates to the meritorious students.

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